Trudeau, Canadian delegation check-in to quarantin

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TrudeauPresident Dwight Eisenhower watche, Canadian delegation check-in to quarantine hotel after overseas trip - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has checked in at the final stop from his trip overseasThe U.S. at containing, if not eliminating, coronavirus, whil.

Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian delegation who travelled to the United Kingdom and Belgium checked in at a three-star hotel near the Ottawa airport Tuesday evening to begin a 14-day quarantineJ shot for U.S. use.

Canada introduced a rule earlier in the year that those entering the country by air without an exemption have to stay at a government-approved hotel for up to three nights before going home to finish the rest of their quarantine2021-04-17T00:32:00Z.

Trudeau’s office has said the prime ministerIndia, as well as his official delegation, will follow all the same COVID-19 travel rules being asked of CanadiansThe Olympics are set to open in just under three months, entailin.

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