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Details of offset press cleaning and maintenance

offset press is one of the main equipment in the current printing industry. Therefore, special attention should be paid to repair and maintenance, especially cleaning and maintenance. Poor cleaning and maintenance will easily lead to greater wear and aging of the equipment, resulting in a series of failures, with unimaginable consequences. According to the operation practice, the details that should be paid attention to in the cleaning and maintenance of offset press are summarized as follows:

can be divided into simply supported beam zigzag test and pure zigzag test

1 The operator must wipe the machine body before and after the shift, but adding a programmable time delay will be a welcome way to supplement the internal and external oil stains and ink stains, remove the waste paper and sundries in the machine, and always keep the original color of the equipment and free of rust

2. The cylinder is one of the main parts of the offset press. Every shift must wipe it at any time to keep the cylinder surface clean, especially the imprint cylinder

3 Most of the paper feeding machine parts are exposed, and the oil stain and paper powder on the surface of the machine parts must be cleaned every shift to reduce the friction of each machine part

4. The motor and air pump of each part of the offset press shall be kept clean and dry to prevent accidents caused by poor heat dissipation

5. When wiping the equipment, the oil eyes, oil circuits, oil filling devices and parts of each part shall be thoroughly and carefully inspected. In case of missing oiling, blocked oil circuit, damaged oiling device, loose screws, falling off, etc., oiling and maintenance shall be carried out in a timely manner (especially at both ends of the main shaft and the paper tooth shaft of the imprinting cylinder)

6. It is strictly prohibited to use cotton yarn and rags to wipe the equipment to prevent falling into the machine and causing accidents

7. When the equipment is not used on holidays, the cleaning water and ink cots must be wiped to prevent the ink from drying and affecting the performance and service life of the cots; Stop the machine for more than seven days. After cleaning, the water and ink cots shall not be disassembled randomly, removed and placed on the rack to prevent extrusion deformation. Then cover the equipment with a cloth to prevent dust from falling into the machine and increase friction

8. In the daily production process, the surrounding area of the equipment shall be kept clean, and the ground shall be free of oil, water, waste paper and sundries

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