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Rules for the implementation of safety and quality standardization in working coal mines in order to continuously stabilize the supporting function of Enron quality standardization, great efforts have been made to carry out "intrinsically safe and efficient" mine support activities, continuously strengthen the fundamental management of coal mine Enron, comprehensively improve the degree of coal mine intrinsically safe, and complete safe and civilized production, According to the notice on the opinions on the implementation of Enron quality standardization tasks in 2016 issued by the Enron Quality Standardization Office of Shanxi China Resources Liansheng Power Investment Co., Ltd., we contacted the actual environment of our mine and formulated the following detailed rules for the implementation of quality standardization:

(I) detailed rules for the quality standardization of coal mining specialty

(2) the straight-line error of the hydraulic support shall not exceed 50mm, and the intermediate distance error shall not exceed 100mm; The adjacent supports shall not have significant misalignment (not exceeding 2/3 of the height of the side guard plate of the top beam), the supports shall not be squeezed or bitten, and the space between the supports shall not exceed the provisions (< 200mm); The support shall be perpendicular to the top and bottom plate, and the maximum error shall not exceed 5)

(3) the "four noes" shall be achieved in the task surface, that is, there shall be no liquid leakage in the support pipeline, and no liquid leakage, channeling and active unloading in the hydraulic parts

(4) the task surface shall be "six clean", that is, the coal floating in the cable trough between the racks, in the racks, in front of the racks, at both ends of the task surface shall be cleaned, and the floating dust shall be washed away

(5) the coal wall shall be straight and vertical to the top and bottom plate, and the top plate of the completed runway shall be free of umbrella eaves. When the length of the canopy is less than 1m, the most convex part of the canopy is ≤ 250mm; when the length of the canopy is ≥ 1m, the most convex part of the canopy is ≤ 200mm

(6) the inclination of the task face must be adjusted according to the dip angle of the coal seam and the occurrence environment, so as to ensure that the support and

chute do not slide up and down

(7) there shall be no gangue and sundries in the runway, and the chute shall be straight

end support

(1) transition support is adopted at the end of the task face, and the transition support is installed into 3 stands (1 . Two π - shaped beams shall be drilled at the upper end cutout. The π - shaped beam support method is one beam with three columns, the column spacing is 1.5m, and the π - shaped beam length is 3.6m. The first π - shaped beam shall be spaced 125 × support 200mm, and the π - shaped beam shall be tangent to the side cutting line. The second π - shaped beam is 300mm away from the first π - shaped beam. The two π - shaped beams move forward step by step, and the step distance is 800mm. A row of capped monomers shall be built at the top cutting line, the top cutting shall be started and the support effect shall be strengthened. The column spacing of the top cutting monomers shall be 0.5m. The top cutting line monomers shall be built into berms in the form of 750 ~ 800 mountains, so as to be strong against the mountains

(2) the lower end of the task face is also supported by π - shaped beams. Two π - shaped beams are drilled at the cutting hole of my end. The first π - shaped beam is spaced 1\s support 300mm. The π - shaped beam should be parallel to the mining line. The second π - shaped beam is 600mm away from the first π - shaped beam. The two π - shaped beams move forward with a step distance of 800mm. A row of capped monomers shall be built at the top cutting line, the top cutting shall be started and the support effect shall be strengthened. The column spacing of the top cutting monomers shall be 0.5m. The top cutting line monomers shall be built into berms in the form of 750 ~ 800 mountains, so as to be strong against the mountains

, advance support

(1) two rows of single pillars are installed along the upper and lower chute, 25m in advance of each coal wall. The column spacing is 1.0m, and the initial supporting force of single column shall not be less than 11.5mpa

(2) the advance support shall not be less than 20m, and the linear error shall be less than 100mm. The height of the exit shall not be less than 1.8m, and the width of the sidewalk shall not be less than 0.8m. When two pieces of upper are used, the method of preventing the upper must be adopted. The upper shall be protected with metal and the upper shall be reinforced with wood waist

(3) the pressure of the initial supporting force of the leading pillar shall be ≥ 11.5MPa, and the pillar must be secured by anti chain fall and hard links; The bottom drilling amount of the pillar shall be ≤ 100mm, otherwise iron shoes must be worn and the iron shoes shall be roughly exposed, and the iron shoe chain shall be hung on the handle of the pillar

(4) the moose row pillars must be equipped with double rows of pillars. The old pond side is the support column, and the coal wall side is the berm column. The column spacing is not greater than 300mm, and the anti falling chain shall be hung. The top cutting line of Moji platoon is different from the hydraulic top cutting line support of the task surface

, civilized production in two lanes

(1) listing must be stopped in both lanes of the task face and in the sanitary area. All kinds of boards advocated for handling should be clean and neat, hung the same. 1. Novelty and durability

(2) the roadway floor is flat and clean, without sludge, ponding and sundries. Iron wire hanging and binding equipment are absolutely used in the roadway. The roadway root is mostly gangue and coal blocks with a diameter greater than 30mm. The two lanes are free of sundries and vehicles, the ditch is completely excavated, and the Enron tunnel, winch pit and belt bottom are free of floating coal and sundries

(3) cables and dust-proof pipelines shall be hung in one line on both sides of the roadway. There shall be no floating dust accumulation on the pipeline, and no other items shall be placed. The cable hanging must use the standard cable hook, the small line hanging small hook, the large line hanging large hook, and the iron wire hanging scene must be eliminated, so as to be straight, clean and standard, and different from the roadway slope; The bolt shotcreting roadway must be provided with standard hanging eyes, and the eye distance shall not be greater than 1.5m; The public cable hook shall be used at the crossing of the roadway, and the hanging shall be clean and beautiful

(4) the low-lying part of the roadway shall be provided with a water tank, a fence, warning signs and handling signs

the water pump shall be hung and cannot be sunk in the sludge

(5) wind and water pipelines shall be separately painted with green and blue paint in the environment without corrosion and guniting materials, and the sequence number shall be printed with white paint from the inside to the outside according to the section. The font size shall be the same specification, the words shall face the sidewalk side, and the words of two or more pipelines shall be on the same plumb line

(6) as a whole, all painting equipment shall be generally bright without paint burr and uneven thickness. The intersection of non colored paint shall be on the same cross section with the specified interface, and the good and bad are not allowed to be mixed

(7) the laneway Enron chamber and drawworks pit are clean, free of sundries and sleepers

material placement handling

(1) the criteria for centralized stacking of materials are as follows: from more to less, from big to small, from long to short, from high to low in this summer, and from four sides to three sides, all kinds of data should be stacked on a common data rack, so that all data spare parts can be put on the rack and into the box, and it is strictly prohibited to stack data spare parts on the spot

(2) the materials shall be stacked away from the water drenching roof. The gear and bearing joints of the fully mechanized machine accessories shall be thoroughly smeared with grease to prevent corrosion. The heads of various hydraulic pipe fittings shall be carefully blocked to prevent dirt and debris from entering. They shall be placed neatly along one end, and the single pillar shall be blocked

(3) support data and spare parts shall be stacked neatly by classification. Lines shall be seen around (or on three sides), and the distance from the road shall not be less than 500mm. Sidewalks of more than 1m shall be reserved where there is no road. The stacking height of heavy articles such as pillars, I-beams, rails, steel pipes and square timber shall not be higher than 1.2m, and the stacking height of light articles such as small materials shall not be higher than 1.5m; All materials are required to be stacked on the shelves, and the shelves of various data and spare parts shall be separated and lined

(4) the materials and spare parts shall be listed and the boards shall be the same. The name, model, quantity, unit price and responsible person of the materials shall be indicated on the boards. The quantity of the materials shall be consistent with the quantity indicated on the boards

emulsion pump station

(3) dust covers shall be set at the inlet and return ports of the liquid tank to prevent coal and gangue from falling into the liquid tank. It shall be washed once a month. The pipeline shall be hung neatly without bending. It must be checked and discussed carefully to see if there is any leakage, leakage or seepage in the pipeline and whether the pins are safe and reliable

(4) pressure adjustment, unloading and assembly, and observe the pressure gauge to make it reach 30 MPa

(5) the emulsion concentration must be 3% - 5% emulsified oil and 95% - 97% neutral water

, handling of drawing and signboard

(2) the data signboard shall be hung on the side of the roadway where the data is stacked. The material signboard shall be hung at the same height and in a straight line. The detailed location is above the middle of the material guess, which is easy for people to see

(3) hang the equipment accessories sign at a proper position on the equipment. For some equipment accessories that are difficult to hang, hang them on the side of the equipment. The board height on the criterion shall be different

(4) the signboard of the post box for special type of work shall be hung at a suitable position on the roadway side around the post, which is close to the sidewalk and easy for the staff to look at

(5) the transportation management board of the small winch for going up and down the mountain is hung at a suitable position on the upper side of the roadway around the winch

(II) detailed rules for quality standardization of tunneling discipline

(1) the row spacing and angle between anchor rods shall be clearly specified in the work procedures according to the premise and section of nonconformity. During construction, the line shall be strictly followed to achieve horizontal rows and vertical rows, and the row spacing error between anchor rods shall not exceed 50mm

(2) the leakage of Roadway Bolts and anchor cables, the spacing between rows, and the lap joint shall meet the requirements of the operating procedures

(3) when installing the wooden pallet, the target of the wooden pallet shall be vertical to the target of the roadway, so as to be horizontal and vertical

(6) the size of the waist line in the construction interval of the ditch must be appropriate to the requirements of the regulations and methods, and the construction shall be carried out by pulling wires

(7) there shall be no barefoot, skirt and horse legs in the roadway

(8) detailed acceptance standard

roadway width: the error between the two sides of the anchor ladder roadway and the construction center line is mm for the ordinary roadway

roadway height: the height error from rail surface to waist line and from waist line to roof of roadway with waist line is mm for ordinary roadway

the height error from the rail surface of the roadway without waist line to the roadway roof is: mm for ordinary roadway

, roadway sanitation

(1) the roadway floor in the area is flat, without sundries, sludge, ponding (ponding depth does not exceed 0.1M, length does not exceed 5m), block gangue (block coal) with a diameter of more than 30mm, and no graffiti. 3. Make full use of local natural materials and waste materials

(2) the belt conveyor must be cleaned below the H-frame foot, especially on the side near the upper, and must be equipped with common cleaning things. There must be no floating coal under the belt during shift handover

(3) for the roadway with track, the floor height shall not exceed 20mm below the upper plane of the sleeper

(4) during roadway excavation, all low-lying points shall be equipped with sedimentation tanks and water tanks. The depth of the water tanks shall be greater than 1m. Sand and ash masonry shall be adopted around the water tanks, with a thickness of more than 100mm. The water tanks installed on the roadway floor shall be provided with cover plates, and the water tanks installed on the side shall be provided with guardrails

(5) the construction plant shall have a database, which shall be equipped with clothes hangers, things boxes, etc

(6) the telephone shall be installed in the Enron tunnel with a telephone number table

, data handling

(1) the data shall be classified, stacked in layers, fixed, linear and digital. Data and east-west positions shall not be less than 0.5m from the track. For data with different specifications, the three front faces shall be flush; No difference between right and wrong requires that the two sides be level. The data placement spacing is different from the external position, and the visual alignment is made. The quantity of each layer placed in layers is different, and the anchor rod body, anchor plate and the East and West shall be put on the shelf

(2) the storage amount of underground support data shall not exceed 5 days

(3) all data must be put on shelves and stored in boxes. All useful shelves and boxes must be of the same specification, placed neatly and neatly

(4) all data and spare parts shall be listed for handling, and the number of boards shall be appropriate to the actual situation on site at any time

(5) all data handling boards must be of the same specification, and all boards shall not be hung with iron wire

(6) those stacked in layers shall be added with base plates of the same specification, and 50mm outside shall be painted with red paint

(7) when the track, rake loader, 40t slide, belt conveyor and fully mechanized excavator are dismantled, there must be a common box or basket for collecting small pieces on site, and the removed screws, spikes, splints and small pieces must be collected together to prevent them from being thrown away

(8) no waste shall be found in the shared area of each team

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