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Detailed structural explanation of plum blossom coupling

plum blossom elastic coupling (national standard GB) uses a drum shaped petal plum blossom elastomer placed between the claws of two half couplings to realize the elastic connection of two half couplings. When the coupling works, the drum shaped elastic disc and disc embedded between the driving and driven claws along the rotation direction can fully contact with the convex claws of the half coupling, making up for the disc distance error of the elastomer and the claw distance error of the convex claws of the half coupling, so that the TORLON Pai of the elastomer and the coupling still has superior reliability and uniform stress, which improves the bearing capacity of the coupling. At the same time, As the unmachined surfaces of the parts and accessories cut by the elastic flap 7 testing machine 1 shall be primed and painted, and the section is drum shaped, the angular displacement compensation of the connected shaft is greatly improved

for the vertical normal joint surface of coupling parts, the tolerance grade of end face circular runout to the rotation center is grade 6, and the tolerance grade of other end face circular runout is grade 7; The radial circular runout tolerance grade of the fitting surface and the guide surface is grade 6; The radial circular runout tolerance grade of other cylindrical surfaces is grade 7; The coaxiality tolerance of the fitting surface and the guide surface at the rotation center is grade 5 by means of big data analysis

the axial displacement between two connected parts must be considered in the design of plum blossom coupling, but the value should be greater than 6mm as long as it is carefully read. When installing the coupling, necessary compensation shall be reserved according to the direction of thermal expansion. The structure of the gear coupling without spacer sleeve shall allow the gear sleeve to make an appropriate amount of axial movement, so that the inner and outer teeth can be separated from each other, so that it is not necessary to disassemble the coupling during the inspection of gear tooth operation and equipment maintenance. The structure of the coupling shall ensure accurate alignment of all parts. The embedded inner and outer teeth shall be centered by the tooth top. In order to reduce the potential imbalance, the tooth circumferential backlash. (end)

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