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Characteristics and development of heat transfer floral film

the printing production of heat transfer floral film can only be regarded as a small flower in the printing industry. However, with the continuous development of the plastic industry, 5 intelligent configurations, such as limit protection, overload protection, automatic reset, and fault prompt, the requirements for graphic and graphic decoration on the surface of plastic products have increased rapidly, and the commonly used forms of silk screen printing and pad printing can no longer meet the new decoration requirements. Heat transfer printing, a new special printing form, has been widely recognized and accepted by people because of its simple, fast, pollution-free and good adhesion. Now this inconspicuous flower has become more and more beautiful and eye-catching, rapidly forming a new consumables market

characteristics of heat transfer patterned film

heat transfer patterned film refers to a special functional printing film with adhesive, which can be separated from the carrier film together with the protective layer under the combined action of heat and pressure, and firmly transferred to the surface of the substrate

therefore, the heat transfer film actually used must have good separation and thermal bonding and beautiful graphics and texts. In the process of heat transfer printing, it should be very good to show that the graphics and text can be very "loose", and can be very "tight" when it is removed from the carrier film, so that it can be thermally adhered to the surface of the product. One "loose" and one "tight" are the characteristics of a "perfect" heat transfer film, and they are also the key technology. Beautiful patterns, especially the pictures and texts obtained by intaglio printing, can well reflect the delicate pictures and texts, making its packaging and decoration effect more perfect

this special functional printing film transfers pictures and texts to the surface of the substrate through the heat and pressure of the heat transfer machine, which greatly improves the grade of the transferred products and increases the added value of the goods

this special functional printing film is more widely used in hot stamping on the surface of plastic products with different solid shapes that are difficult to print directly, especially those that require multi-color hierarchical printing effects. A small pen holder with a diameter of less than one centimeter and a length of only more than ten centimetres should print brightly colored patterns with rich graphic layers. Of course, the best printing method is heat transfer printing; For a triangle shaped plastic cup, how to print pictures and texts on its surrounding surface can only be done by heat transfer hot stamping. Therefore, the surface printing and heat transfer printing of plastic products of various shapes are the best decoration methods to enhance the ability to deal with trade protectionism. At present, the heat transfer printing method of decorative plastic products has been widely used in stationery, daily use, cosmetics, artificial leather, toys, electrical appliances, furniture and building materials and other plastic products industries. This special function printing film has become the most widely used consumables in the plastic products decoration industry, and the market prospect is infinite

development of heat transfer patterned film technology in China

the production technology of heat transfer patterned film in China has experienced the development process from scratch, from all imports from abroad to domestic production and export

in the 1980s, the heat transfer floral film with patterns began to flow into China from abroad. The patterns, characters, colors and varieties are similar to the general type. Although it gives people a good decorative effect, it is lack of personalization. It requires personalized graphics and texts, which must also be imported. Moreover, it is expensive, and there are few products that can be used

by the mid-1990s, China began to follow the production mode of electrochemical aluminum to produce heat transfer patterned film. Although it can achieve certain results, it failed to solve the production technology better, which is far inferior to the quality of foreign heat transfer patterned film

through the efforts of enterprises, they first created new coating formulas and new processes in China, especially combining the release layer and the protective layer into one layer, so that one-time coating can replace the release layer and the protective effect. In this way, not only the process is reduced, the production process is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, and the cost is reduced, but also the quality of the heat transfer film is improved, so that the thermal fracture, overlap, scratch resistance, weather resistance and printability of the heat transfer film are greatly improved, reaching the quality of similar foreign products. Due to its excellent quality and personalized pattern service, it has been recognized and applied by many world brand manufacturers, and has been brought abroad by many brand manufacturers. It is generally exported to Japan, the United States, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Asia and other countries and regions

new varieties of heat transfer floral film

from the 1990s to the present more than ten years, especially in the past two or three years, the variety of heat transfer floral film in China has been increasing and emerging in endlessly. In addition to the conventional ordinary heat transfer patterned film, local electrochemical aluminum heat transfer patterned film, matte heat transfer patterned film, and heat transfer patterned film with anti-counterfeiting, temperature indication and other functions have also been introduced successively, and they have been favored by people since their introduction

local electrochemical aluminothermic transfer patterned film is a printing patterned film with obvious metallic luster. Due to the strong luster of metal, it can withstand higher temperature than anodized aluminum, and the graphic overprint is accurate, so it has been quickly applied

polyester film with a certain roughness on the surface can be used as the carrier film (matte film) for matte heat transfer printing film. The concave and convex left by the peeling of the carrier film on the protective layer can make the surface of the protective layer diffuse reflect light, thus showing a matte effect. The appearance of matte heat transfer patterned film solves the problem that the matte on the surface of the existing substrate needs to be obtained through post-treatment. This kind of heat transfer floral film is more suitable for varieties that require the whole surface of the substrate to be dumb, which increases the decoration and appreciation of the transferred products, and adds new varieties to the transfer floral film consumables market

development trend of heat transfer floral film

nowadays, China's heat transfer floral film is not only from scratch, from a single variety to multiple varieties, but also worth mentioning that the continuous emergence of production technology with independent intellectual property rights has promoted the production of heat transfer floral film to a deeper level and higher difficulty, and the scope of use has been further expanded. Its characteristics are:

first, the production technology is developing to a deeper level. For example, the production method of transfer patterned film provided by the Chinese invention patent "a production method of transfer film and its products" is a representative of the deeper development on the basis of the conventional thermal transfer patterned film production process. Its emergence has introduced better and higher quality heat transfer floral film to the market, and quickly occupied the high-end market of such consumables. For example, the transfer film used by Tupperware daily necessities in the daily use market, and the transfer film used by Maybelline, Avon and other brands in cosmetics are all produced using this patented technology

second, the decorative level is developing to a higher difficulty. For example, the Chinese patent "a transfer film with matte and bright surfaces" provides a transfer film that can make the transfer surface of the substrate not well treated until now. The same area has different optical structures, so that the surface of the substrate is partially matte and partially bright, which is thermal transfer printing

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