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Characteristics and application of soft capsule packaging

soft capsule packaging is a new type of health food dosage form developed after tablets, hard capsules, pills, oral liquids and other dosage forms, which is decomposed when the material temperature exceeds 300 degrees and the residence time exceeds 30 minutes. Soft capsules can quantitatively inject oil or suspension of oily and powdery functional substances and enclose them in the plastic film to form sealed capsules of different sizes and shapes, which have excellent light and oxygen isolation functions and good visual effects

there are many capsules used in the packaging of health food in China, but there is a gap with the international market in terms of appearance and packaging quality. Thanks to the application of new soft capsule production technology, the packaging of health products in China has been greatly improved in terms of materials, colors, shapes and so on, which has added a weight to the international market. Soft capsule health food is gradually becoming the "leader" in the health food industry with its overwhelming advantages

soft capsule health food is mostly natural effective ingredients extracted from slaves and plants, with high purity and great nutritional and health value. For oily or oily and powdery suspension materials, soft capsule is the most suitable dosage form. Compared with other dosage forms, soft capsules have some special advantages:

first, soft capsule packaging has a good isolation function, which can isolate functional materials sensitive to light and oxygen from air and light, avoid the oxidation of effective substances, keep the content of products stable within the period of validity, and ensure the exertion of efficacy

second, soft capsules are accurate in quantification and fast in absorption. The dosage error of soft capsules quantitatively filled by machine is small, and the consumption of consumers is stable every time. After the soft capsule collapses in the body, the contents can be quickly absorbed by the body in liquid form

third, the appearance of soft capsule products is novel and attractive, which is very attractive and novel to consumers

Focus on improving the integrated utilization of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and industrial Internet and breakthroughs in key short board equipment

fourth, the soft capsule has a smooth surface, good taste, easy to swallow, and can prevent counterfeiting

fifth, it is safe to carry and convenient to eat. For example, a portable small hard box is specially attached to the packaging box of perfect garlic soft capsule, which can be carried separately according to the dosage when going out, and the hard box packaging can prevent crushing. Small dose carrying is very safe, which is suitable for consumers' daily home use, and also takes care of people's taking it when going out for vacation, tourism and outdoor work

the production of health care soft capsules has strict requirements on rubber materials. The main ingredients of the shell of perfect garlic soft capsule are gelatin, glycerin and pure water, which is not harmful to human health. Gelatin is a kind of protein, which is widely used in medicine and food. Many daily foods, such as jelly and candy, are made of gelatin; Glycerin, which is made from corn, potato and honey, is a widely used and safe food additive. Therefore, the shell of perfect garlic soft capsule itself is a very safe edible raw material

from the current domestic market, soft capsule health products are far from meeting the market demand, and there is still considerable room for development. With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the market demand for various soft capsule preparations is also increasing, and such products have broad prospects

pharmaceutical enterprises choose granule and powder packaging machine market

source: China's industrial equipment

at present, as long as the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have developed to 3400 exhibitors in 2017, they produce Chinese patent medicine, which generally have granule type, and a few have powder powder. There are many brands of packaging machines produced in China, which are quite different from each other in terms of function, configuration and all aspects. The selection of particle and powder packaging machines suitable for our products is the key to production output and packaging quality

at present, domestic packaging machines can be divided into plywood type and roller type from the sealing mode. In terms of production capacity, it can be divided into single row machine and multi row machine. From the way of film walking, it can be divided into vertical machine and horizontal machine. At present, the main forms of small bag packaging are: three side sealing, four side sealing and back sealing

the following describes the characteristics of various models:

plywood vertical single row packaging machine: intermittent sealing, volumetric metering, filling and blanking, plywood sealing, small model, simple operation, short service life. Different manufacturers, different brands, different configurations and different prices. At present, the domestic price ranges from 8000 to 16000

single row roller packaging machine: compared with the plywood type, it has continuous sealing, beautiful packaging appearance, and the speed is generally 40-90 bags/minute (depending on different materials and packaging sizes). At present, the domestic price ranges from 20000-60000 yuan, the configuration is different, and the price difference between manufacturers and brands is large. Compared with the plywood machine, this kind of packaging machine requires operators to have a certain ability and has relatively high requirements for after-sales service and maintenance

multi row packaging machines: according to the previous national pharmaceutical machinery exhibitions, there are more and more manufacturers producing multi row

packaging machines in China, and the product grades also differ greatly, with prices ranging from 100000 to 500000. The main difference in prices lies in the difference in configuration, appearance and materials used. If you want to choose to buy multi row machines, it is recommended to buy machines with better quality, although you invest tens of thousands of yuan for the first time, But it can guarantee the subsequent stable operation

how do pharmaceutical companies choose their own packaging machines

pharmaceutical factories with large output of a single variety and the company's main product granules or powders prefer multi row packaging machines. At present, there is a multi row packaging machine with aluminum alloy appearance in China. Its electrical configuration adopts imported components, and its performance is in the domestic leading position in the same industry. The sk900 packaging machine of Chengdu SANKE Industrial Co., Ltd., which was exhibited at the 32nd national pharmaceutical opportunity in Suzhou, is really different. It is equipped with automatic deviation correction and film changing mechanism, and its workmanship is fine, which can meet the quality and performance requirements of imported packaging machines

there are many varieties, and the output of each variety is small. Pharmaceutical companies can consider purchasing vertical single row packaging machines, such as Sanqiao in China, which can meet the requirements

for pharmaceutical companies in the initial stage of new varieties or with insufficient financial resources, they can consider buying plywood packaging machines. Whether it is a multi row packaging machine or a single row packaging machine, as long as it is a mature model and technology, it can basically meet the requirements in terms of accuracy error, but in terms of packaging speed, it can pack 5g/bag of particles (bag length 80mm × For example, the vertical single row roller packaging machine, the packaging speed (60-90 bags/minute), the vertical plywood packaging machine (50-80 bags/minute), and the sk900 series packaging machine can reach between bags/minute. At present, the problem of batch number printing on the packaging machine has been solved. After repeated experiments by pharmaceutical companies, it is better to choose the ink wheel printer than the ribbon printer. Of course, you can also choose hard embossing to realize batch number imprinting in one or two rows

powder packaging has always been a difficult problem to solve. According to the situation of the pharmaceutical factory, if it is necessary to solve the problem of difficult feeding, loose sealing and material clamping in the packaging process of the powder, it is suggested to choose the single row horizontal packaging machine. The advantage of this type of machine is that the bag is made first and then the material is fed. The screw driven by the servo motor is mostly used for feeding, which can reduce the feeding drop of the powder, insert the feeding head directly into the bag, and then lift it back to its original position after discharging, Generally, this type of machine can be considered for small powder packaging between 200-400 mesh, such as SK11 series packaging machine produced in China. For powder packaging with large output, multi row packaging machine can be considered. It is understood that the current multi row powder packaging machine has been mature and applied in China, including the seven row powder packaging machine of Sanke company. Its structure is reasonable. Each column has a separate servo system, PLC control, and fine workmanship ratio. It is the classic model of domestic four side sealed multi row powder packaging machine at present. If you need to pack it into a back seal style, you can consider Qiaofu products that have been successfully applied to pharmaceutical companies such as Xiansheng pharmaceutical and Tianshili. 2. Parameter setting company products

the above is a trivial opinion on the application of packaging machines in pharmaceutical factories. I hope it can help you when purchasing packaging machines

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