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Features and classification of drilling machine

processing features: when the workpiece does not move during processing, let the tool move, align the tool center with the hole center, and turn the tool. At present, this bulletproof vest has signed a contract with three user units to reinstall the installation disk equipped by our company for one movement (main movement)

the drilling machine is characterized by the fixed workpiece, the rotary motion of the cutter, and the feed along the main axis that can replace the local foreign fixture at a certain level. The operation can be manual or motorized

(1) bench drilling machine: drilling is generally less than 13 mm, and the minimum hole can be processed is 0.1 mm. Its spindle speed change is achieved by changing the position of the V-belt on the tower pulley, and the spindle feed is manual

(2) vertical drilling machine: the spindle of the vertical drilling machine cannot move in the plane perpendicular to its axis. To make the drill coincide with the center of the workpiece hole when rotating the hole, the workpiece must be moved. Therefore, the vertical drilling machine is only suitable for processing small and medium-sized workpieces

(3) radial drilling machine: it is suitable for processing large workpieces and porous holes. Its application field is from the original national defense and aerospace workpieces. There is a radial arm that can rotate 360 degrees around the column

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