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On October 22, the new polyethylene resin product produced by Daqing Refining and chemical company is applying for a patent. High gloss impact resistant medium melt copolymer injection plastic ep300m has been tried out in subsequent product processing procedures in a number of household appliance enterprises, and has been recognized by users. p>

the user's use report shows that the electric fan back cover made of ep300m has good processing performance, and the surface of the product is smooth without pits, which can completely replace imported products

it is understood that ep300m has good impact resistance, high gloss and stress resistance, and is mainly used for small household appliances, household appliances, miscellaneous goods boxes, outdoor cleaning supplies, etc., but previously there was no polypropylene product that could meet this high standard in China. Domestic well-known household appliance manufacturers such as Midea Company rely on imports for all polypropylene production materials for exported household appliances. Due to the high price of imported raw materials, Midea hopes that Daqing Refining and chemical can provide it with high-quality polypropylene raw materials for household appliances. In August, 2014, after the establishment of Daqing Refining and chemical polypropylene R & D and testing center, the research and development of new products of ep300m servo valve sent by computer began

due to the mutual restriction between product performance indicators, it is particularly difficult to meet the conditions of various indicators at the same time. At that time, many domestic refining and chemical enterprises had tried to produce this product for many times without success. Daqing Refining and chemical polypropylene researchers screened and revised more than 100 formulas one by one without any experience to learn from

in addition, the product uses a large amount of hydrogen and ethylene in the production process, and has strong reaction activity. It is also difficult to control the temperature, pressure and discharge of the reactor. In order to realize the smooth switching and production of products, technicians closely control the reactor temperature, density, reaction activity, hydrogen addition and other key parameters, carefully adjust the melt index of products, grasp the best period for the switching of additives and tube materials, and reduce the production of transition materials. After tens of thousands of additive proportioning attempts, continuous optimization of production, and selection of appropriate calculation methods and parameter values to carry out the gloss, flexural modulus of elasticity, impact strength and other properties of stress analysis products, they finally achieved a successful trial production of products, and all indicators meet the requirements of downstream customers

according to the market survey, high gloss ep300m products have a large market demand and promising prospects. The price per ton is hundreds of yuan higher than that of general impact polypropylene products. In the next step, Daqing Refining and chemical will carry out mass production of this product

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