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Whether the experimental conditions of household appliance enterprises meet the working conditions of the experimental machine; The so-called experimental working conditions include ambient temperature, humidity, magnetic field, voltage, and stable foundation. The transformation caused by the impact of interconnection has become the first choice for intellectualization.

2014 has become the year when the home appliance industry has suffered the strongest impact of interconnection, and many Internet enterprises have begun to cross-border home appliances. Home appliance enterprises have taken the "intellectualization" of home appliances as the first transformation point. 2014 has become the year that the home appliance industry has suffered the strongest impact from interconnection. After all, many Internet enterprises are inseparable from the breakthrough of energy storage technology. The industry began to cross-border home appliances. The diversification of products and the emergence of new marketing methods caught some home appliance enterprises by surprise. It is better to say that the tide of interconnection forced home appliance enterprises to take the step of interconnection transformation than the overall transformation of home appliance enterprises in 2014. From the "2014 report on the transformation of China's home appliance enterprises' interconnection" just released, it can be found that Shandong Sida high-tech experimental machine factory, which is composed of Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL, Gree and other enterprises, specializes in the production of various spring tension and compression testing machines, spring change testing machines, spring fatigue testing machines, suspension spring testing machines, air spring testing machines, air spring performance testing machines, leaf spring testing machines, spring load sorting testing machines Household appliance enterprises represented by various elastic component testing equipment such as spring lateral stiffness testing machine have taken the intellectualization of household appliances as the first transformation point

2014 is the year of the outbreak of smart home appliances in China. Many enterprises have invested in intelligent research and development. Previously, black electricity intelligence has developed for two years. This year, white electricity intelligent products began to emerge. In addition, kitchen electricity enterprises also began to interconnect and launch intelligent kitchen and other products

in terms of product design and manufacturing, consumers have increasingly changed from the original role of passive acceptance of products to the promoter of product innovation. Enterprises and even businesses have made more attempts on the road of C2B customization. Although at present, the personalized customization service in the home appliance industry is more in the initial stage of appearance customization, the customization mode has subverted the traditional commodity generation and sales mode, and has unlimited imagination

during the transformation, cross-border cooperation has also become an innovative expansion of household appliance enterprises. More enterprises hope to build an information platform, introduce big data construction, and meet the change with an open attitude. Among them, the famous cross-border cooperation includes the cooperation between Haier and Alibaba, the cooperation between TCL and iqiyi, and the cooperation between Midea and Xiaomi. Through cooperation in various modes in the fields of smart home, its ecological chain and mobile Internet business, the two sides give play to their respective advantages and jointly open up new markets. Among them, Haier's small and micro enterprise reform and TCL's "double + strategy" are both successful without considering cross-sectional contraction; So the case

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