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A resident in Qingdao has moldy walls after painting, and the dealer negotiated to pay 1500 yuan

a resident in Qingdao has moldy walls after painting, and the dealer negotiated to pay 1500 yuan

March 9, 2016

[China paint information] on the morning of March 8, Mr. Ma, who lives in shuiqinggou No. 3 community, reported to this newspaper that in July 2012, Mr. Ma bought a barrel of white odorless wall paint from garberry in a specialty store near the dawong building materials market, After painting, there was no problem at first, but by the beginning of 2013, I found that there was mold on the wall, and it was difficult to clean it up. Now, several people in charge of the door of Jiabaoli paint store have been changed. The wall of Mr. Ma's home is still in a moldy state, and Mr. Ma doesn't know who to reason with

as for Mr. Ma's situation, when I came to this Jiabaoli paint store near the market in the city of building materials, which works by volume change, there was only one clerk in the store. Speaking of Mr. Ma, The clerk was still very impressed: "At that time, I really sold this paint to the old man. He came to look for it several times. I was impressed. He bought it in 2012. Later, he said that the wall at home began to get moldy after painting this paint, so he came to us for an explanation. The first time was because he didn't take the invoice, and we couldn't deal with it; the second time was in 2015, the store had changed its manager. At that time, he said to compensate him for a barrel of paint, but the old man didn't agree; The third time was a few days ago. We came to negotiate again. We couldn't make it clear whether the moldy wall of his house had anything to do with the paint. After all, it's been so long. If it's within a year, we can replace it. Our store has been open here for more than ten years, and it's the first time we have encountered this kind of thing. It's been almost four years. It's really hard to say. "

after the clerk fed back the relevant information, he also contacted manager Li, the relevant person in charge of the store at the same time. Manager Li then came to the store and expressed his willingness to come to Mr. Ma's home to negotiate this matter. In the afternoon of March 8, Mr. Ma and manager Li came to Mr. Ma's home. The two sides negotiated according to the situation of the walls at home. Mr. Ma believed that the moldy walls at home had a certain relationship with the Jiabaoli paint at that time, while manager Li believed that there were many reasons for the moldy walls, which might have something to do with the technology of wall painting at that time (such as putty, waterproof) or the ventilation of the kitchen, Mr. Ma asked manager Li to repaint the wall at home, but manager Li said that if he repainted it without checking the waterproof putty, even if he repainted it, it would not necessarily guarantee that the wall would be well done. After nearly an hour of negotiation, manager Li said that he could compensate 150 yuan and 20 yuan. Mr. Ma thought it over and over and said it was acceptable

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