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Recently, the macroeconomic impact of asset price fluctuations has attracted more and more attention, both in academia and at the decision-making level, largely due to the recent sharp rise and fall in the stock market, and now it is the property market's turn. Most studies in this field only focus on the price of financial assets, but the role of house prices has not been studied to the same extent. This book fills this gap by studying the impact of asset prices, especially house prices, on all aspects of macro-economy. The housing price foam and its consequences have become the focus of macroeconomic policies in most developed countries. This book expounds the relationship between house price fluctuations and economic fundamentals. Real estate has many characteristics, which make it different from other assets such as securities. For residents, real estate is not only an asset, but also a kind of shelter and other housing services and durable consumer goods. As a result, housing is usually the largest and most important asset of residents, and therefore accounts for a large part of residents' wealth. Similarly, a large part of bank assets is also linked to the value of houses. Therefore, house price fluctuations may have a huge impact on economic activities and the stability of the financial system. If your requirements are not too high, now it seems that buying a house in Britain is not an unattainable dream. First of all, there is no purchase restriction here. You do not need to have British nationality or pay taxes for the British government for more than 5 years. As long as you have money, there are signs of "for sale" in front of the hundreds of years old castle in Edinburgh recently

if you don't want to go that far, you can always find the house you want in London. Whether it's Eaton square, a traditional luxury residential area, or No. 1 Hyde Park, where top upstarts gather, the difference between the two is that you prefer to be a neighbor to the former governor of India or the current Prime Minister of Qatar

naturally, there are many more civilian options. In the Eastern District, which is only a dozen subway stations away from the city center, the house price has almost returned to the common price of "Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou", and will continue to decline with the change of exchange rate

moreover, this is a real "Olympic" concept area, although house prices have risen for several rounds before. However, the "largest old city reconstruction project in Europe" brought by the Olympic Games is said to make this area impressive in the future - after all, 75% of the Olympic construction funds are invested here

various house purchasing groups

careful analysis among the various house purchasing groups in London, Chinese are only at the middle level of purchasing power. Compared with those middle eastern, Russian and American billionaires who have spent millions of dollars in London, the proportion of Chinese buying real luxury houses in London is not high at present; However, compared with some other ethnic minorities gathered in areas with poor environment, the Chinese are fully capable of buying new houses in fairly good areas with full payment

Shaw, President of the Chinese real estate association in London, told China business news that at present, in London, Chinese people mainly choose to buy houses in the East, and there will be a few in the north, while there will be fewer in the West and south of London's traditional prime locations

although the old Londoners' lead screw and silk mother, as performance parts, still have prejudice against East London, which was once a gathering place of the poor, the house prices in the East are low, and there are more new houses, which is more suitable for most Chinese who love to buy new houses and have a limited budget after all

for example, in the eastern Greenwich area, the apartment price ranges from 5000 to 10000 pounds per square meter. In other words, if you want to buy a 50 square meter one bedroom household now, the minimum total price is 2.5 million yuan

Where is the specific location of Greenwich? From the respectable new financial city Canary Wharf 6 light rail stations, from Canary Wharf station to the next six or seven stations, you will reach the center of London

this can avoid or avoid the corrosion and rust caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases, liquids, dust, oxides, etc. in addition, compared with the crowded center of London, the green space here is open and adjacent to the Thames river bank. There are also several famous museums and historical buildings in Nanjing Julong, which will become the first-rate high-end new material manufacturer in China in the automotive and high-speed rail fields in the future, As long as you don't dwell on the past glorious history here, it is indeed a good choice for cost performance

moreover, the local bank's house purchase loan is also particularly preferential, and the loan can be loaned up to about 80% of the total price of the real estate. Although according to Shaw, it may be difficult for foreign investors to borrow such a high proportion of loans, they can generally borrow 50%. After that, the repayment can be made gradually at the interest rate between 3% and 4% every year. Chinese can go to the local bank of China to handle similar loan business

of course, if the budget can rise to 10 or 20 million, there will be more room for choice. You can go closer to the city center, pick a middle-class neighborhood, and choose a duplex apartment with several rooms

for a small number of people who belong to the top of the pyramid, naturally, they will have professional investment consultants to guide the purchase of real estate, but not surprisingly, greenpark will go to Knightsbridge, a London upper class community called "May Fair", via Hyde Park, where houses can be sold from 20000 pounds per square meter

Why buy a house

popos, a Greek, told this newspaper that a good house in Athens will not be much cheaper than that in London. In that case, we should simply choose to buy it in London, so as to avoid being scared all day in Athens

according to Shaw, in the past two years, among the house prices frozen all over the UK, only London house prices have risen by 5% to 10%, but returned to the level before the outbreak of the financial crisis

although there are factors that promote the housing price in East London by the Olympic Games, local people and foreign investors in London are not interested in the region. The main reason for the rise in house prices is that the house prices in central London are still strong. Foreign tycoons, especially the panicked Italian, Spanish and Greek tycoons from southern Europe, can also raise house prices in an hour if they come here to fry trucks

on the eve of the second parliamentary election in Greece in June this year, there were stories circulating in London that some Greek tycoons came to London to guard. If the election result was that the left-wing party against the EU rescue plan won, it would immediately start transferring assets

however, compared with many other foreign investors who regard London as a safe haven for asset transfer, the purpose of Chinese coming here to buy houses is almost single: for their children

according to Shaw, the purpose of Chinese buying houses is clear, one is for their children to go to school and receive education in London, and the other is investment immigration. Even the latter, in essence, is for the education of the next generation. Therefore, the Chinese consider the choice of residential areas mainly to support the convenient transportation of their children to study and work. A high proportion of the huge group of Chinese students who go to the UK every year are supported by their parents to buy houses as soon as they arrive

like many big cities in China, London also has the concept of "School District Housing". Basically, within 0.8 to 1 mile around a school, school-age children can enter the school

the reason why many Londoners do not live in downtown London, but choose to live in the second and third districts of London, and the local house price is not cheaper than that in the city center is that they are close to good schools

on the whole, although the number of Chinese buying houses in London has increased significantly in recent years, the overall proportion of Chinese buying houses in London is still quite small, gradually rising from about 5% in previous years to 10% in these two years. In the foreseeable future, the high-end customers in the luxury housing market in London will still be monopolized by the rich from the Middle East, Southeast Europe, the United States and Russia

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