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Household appliance coatings are struggling under the influence of rising raw material prices

in recent years, the household appliance industry has developed rapidly under the stimulation of the Chinese government's economic policies such as stimulating domestic demand. As a necessity for home appliance decoration, powder coating has also developed with the rising trend of the home appliance industry. As far as the coating of household appliance shell is concerned, it can be roughly divided into the following three kinds:

1. In the early days, TV sets used one component plastic paint, and later two-component plastic paint became the mainstream; But now they are basically UV curable coatings

2. Washing machines, refrigerators, etc. generally use baking powder, which can be used for coating of pressure discs, turbine discs, blades, bearing rings, casings, fasteners and plate welded bearing parts of aircraft engines

3. Some small household appliances, such as DVD, are mostly one component plastic paint; Hot water kettles and hair dryers are all heat-resistant coatings

natural 4 Although the reports so far have encouraged people to cope with the development challenges of convenient and sustainable plastic packaging, the rising price of raw materials from 2009 to now has also caused great fluctuations in the price of powder coatings. In addition, AkzoNobel powder coatings recently announced that it will raise the price of all powder coatings products sold in the Chinese market from March 1, 2011. This means that downstream industries such as home appliances will bear greater cost pressure

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