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Annual compound growth of household paper consumption

affected by the economic situation, the paper industry is depressed, but due to rigid demand, the outlook of household paper is still high. In this context, Chenming, Nanzhi, Jingxing and other paper enterprises have set their sights on household paper and began to adjust their production layout due to their seemingly similar external machines calling for various names to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Not only that, Fushun mining, Chongqing textile and other foreign industry manufacturers also began to spend a lot of money to start household paper projects; In addition, some local enterprises also want to take a share of the household paper market

Changjiang manxia, Secretary of the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, said in an interview a few days ago that the common types in are separation type, shear type, barrier type, diversion type and wavy type. The annual compound growth rate of China's household paper consumption is about 10%, and the annual consumption increment is about 500000-600000 tons; Especially this year, when the growth rate of other industries slows down or even shows negative growth, the annual growth rate of China's household paper industry is expected to still exceed 12%, and the growth rate in the next few years will remain at 8% - 12%

the continued bullish industry boom has created a large influx of internal and external funds in the industry, which has released the overall capacity of the household paper industry, resulting in an oversupply in the consumer market. Jiang manxia said, but its industry concentration has not decreased because of this. On the contrary, the total production capacity of HengAn, app (jinhongye), Weida and Zhongshun household paper enterprises accounted for about 27.8% of the total industry capacity in 2011; The total sales volume accounts for about 30% of the total sales volume of the industry, which is estimated to reach about 35% in 2012, and the industry concentration is further improved

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