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As early as November 27, the National Bureau of statistics released data that from January to October this year, industrial enterprises above the national scale achieved a total profit of 6245.08 billion yuan, an increase of 23.3% year-on-year. The growth rate was 0.5 percentage points faster than that from January to September, of which the total profit of ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased by 1.6 times

recently, as the representative of ferrous metal drilling and rolling processing industry, the prices of various varieties of steel are also rising. Since the middle and late November, steel prices have maintained a strong upward momentum

according to the data released by the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the total industrial output value of the new material industry from November to 2020 is expected to exceed 50billion yuan. From 27 to December 1, China's steel price index (CSPI) was 121.23 points, up 2.57 points month on month, or 2.16%. Among them, the price of high-speed wire rod was 4645 yuan/ton, with a weekly increase of 190 yuan/ton; The price of rebar was 4480 yuan/ton, up 194 yuan/ton on a weekly basis. In December, the price adjustment information released by some steel enterprises showed that the price of some long products had exceeded 5000 yuan/ton. The sharp rise in steel prices in the short term has aroused widespread concern in the market

steel price rise caused by multiple factors

on the phenomenon of steel price rise in November, yesterday, an unnamed analyst said that on the one hand, the effectiveness of the supply side structural reform of the steel industry began to appear, and the effective removal of capacity reduction, especially the "ground bar steel", returned to benign market competition with obvious results; On the other hand, local environmental protection and production restriction have had an impact on steel supply, and social inventory and enterprise inventory have both declined

according to public data, the average daily output of crude steel in China in October was 2.3342 million tons, down 2.51% from September, the lowest level in the past five months. Since November 15, the production restriction of the northern steel plant has been carried out in an all-round way, and the blast furnace operating rate of the steel plant has fallen to a historical low, so the crude steel output will still be in a downward trend. Social inventory and steel mill inventory have reached historical lows. With the deepening of production restriction and environmental protection, the reduction of supply will still be an important factor supporting steel prices

although the investment in real estate and infrastructure fell, some projects in the north were in the rush period in November, and the South was still in the peak construction season. The purchase volume of construction sites continued to be high. The rise in steel prices stimulated the enthusiasm of terminals and middlemen to prepare goods, and the market transaction situation continued to be active. However, with the cold weather in the north and the increase of site downtime in the heating season, the downstream demand may weaken after December

the price of raw materials is also in the process of rising as a whole, including the sharp rise in the price of billets and scrap steel, the obvious rebound in the price of imported ore, and the first fall and then rise in the price of coke. However, with the continuous sharp rise in steel prices, the profits of steel enterprises are still climbing to new highs. According to the data model, at present, the profits of various varieties generally exceed 1000 yuan, and the current ordering situation of steel mills is generally good. The raw material inventory of steel mills is also low, and the enthusiasm for winter storage of raw materials is high. Therefore, the overall cost of raw materials will rise in the later period

in addition, the market inventory continued to decline significantly, the social inventory of rebar was also at a historical low, the market was out of stock and out of specification, and local resources were relatively tight, which led to a sharp rise in the price of thread last week, with more than 200 yuan/ton in many markets; Last week, the hot coil inventory in major cities across the country showed a downward trend, which is closely related to the centralized maintenance of steel mills across the country, and the hot coil price has also been strongly supported

annual report forecast of several steel enterprises

according to the statistics of Orient fortune choice by securities, as of December 5, 11 listed steel enterprises in China have issued annual report forecast, of which 2 have increased slightly, 1 has reversed losses, 1 has continued losses, 1 has continued profits, and 6 have increased in advance

according to the estimated data released by these 11 companies, the estimated net profit of Minguang of Sangang is the highest, ranging from 3.118 billion yuan to 3.583 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 286%. In this regard, the company said that in 2017, the national supply side reform continued to advance, and by the end of June, more than 630 "ground steel" production enterprises had been banned, involving a production capacity of 140-160 million tons. By the end of August, the goal of reducing the production capacity of the steel industry by 50million tons in 2017 had been completed ahead of schedule, improving the serious overcapacity of the steel industry. 2. Insurance management: inspect whether the market environment of burning out and unfair competition, It has improved the profitability and operating efficiency of the whole industry and laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve good performance. Under the special action of air pollution control and the vigorous promotion of strict environmental protection supervision and other policies and measures, it is expected that the supply of steel will be reduced and the southward movement of North material will also be restrained. The steel market inventory in Fujian will remain at a low level, the steel price will remain at a high level, and the company's business environment will remain relatively favorable in the fourth quarter

in addition to Minguang, Shagang Co., Ltd. and Yongxing iron and Steel Co., Ltd. also have higher expected net profits. It is worth noting that the large loss maker of the steel industry *st Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is expected to turn around its annual net profit

this also makes it a material to replace ABS in many fields

on October 31, *st heavy steel released its 2017 third quarter performance report. The announcement shows that in the third quarter of 2017, the company achieved an operating revenue of 8.183 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 122.06% year-on-year; The net loss is 882million yuan, which is significantly reduced compared with the loss of 3.091 billion yuan in the same period last year. The company expects to achieve profits in 2017* St heavy steel said that the loss reduction in the third quarter was mainly due to the recovery of the steel industry since this year, expanding production scale, strengthening cost control and other factors

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