The hottest household paper price rise spread, and

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The rising tide of household paper prices spread, and small and medium-sized paper enterprises fell into the "darkest hour"

release date: Source: 21st century economic report

"since December 2020, the price of pulp board has been one price a day, and now the raw materials of pulp board have exceeded 5500/ton." On January 4, Xu Yinan, chairman of Guangdong bilun Household Paper Co., Ltd., reluctantly told the 21st Century Business Herald

in fact, there are not a few enterprises in the same situation as billon. At the onset of winter, the paper industry may have felt the cold wave, and a price rise wind is blowing in the industry again. What attracts much attention this time is the rise in the price of household paper. In the face of the price rise of paper enterprises at the end of the year, many consumers speculated that "paper in Luoyang will be expensive" and began to open the online stock up mode

the 21st Century Business Herald survey found that household paper has indeed risen all the way since December 2020 due to the rise in the price of wood pulp. However, this wave of price rise has not yet spread to the terminal retail market on a large scale

"although some products may rise slightly, it will take some time to transmit from the upstream to the retail terminal, and it may not really be transmitted to the terminal." Said Chen Zhu, Secretary General of Guangdong Paper Industry Association

the strong market demand and the rise of pulp futures, combined with multiple factors, led to a sharp rise in the price of wood pulp at the end of 2020, ushering in the highest point of the year. For many small and medium-sized paper enterprises, such as 6 There is a big gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder. Today, we have to face such an embarrassing situation at the end of the year: on the one hand, the rising cost caused by the rising price of raw materials, and on the other hand, we are cautious about raising prices because of the pressure of market competition. Under the double-sided attack, many paper-making enterprises are falling into "the darkest hour"

price increase letter issued intensively

Byron is a medium-sized household paper production enterprise. Since the second half of 2020, especially in December, the soaring price of pulp board raw materials has obviously put pressure on billon. "Raw materials have risen too much. Now it can be said that they are one price a day." Xu Yinan introduced to 21st Century Business Herald

relevant data also supports Xu Yinan's statement. Affected by the rising price of wood pulp, the rising price of household paper has continued to spread since December 2020. Less than 10 days after some manufacturers issued the first wave of price increase letters on December 7, enterprises in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places successively issued the second wave of price increase letters, with prices generally increased by 200/ton

the price increase notice recently issued by Baoding Gangxing Paper Co., Ltd., a leading paper enterprise in Hebei Province, shows that from December 25, 2020, 3520mm/1760mm non wettable original shaft 5750, which is now called lever tensile testing machine/ton, and 350mm/1760mm wettable original shaft 5900/ton; Almost all other base paper prices have been raised by 200/ton

In addition, the enterprise also made it clear that it would cancel oral orders, would not accept advance payment, and all customers would settle the goods at the current price

21st Century Business Herald learned that the raw materials of household paper pulp generally include wood pulp, cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, sugarcane pulp and other straw pulp, among which wood pulp accounts for the highest proportion, more than 80%. And with the high-end of household paper, the proportion of wood pulp still has room to improve

in addition to wood pulp, other raw materials are also rising. Since December 2020, enterprises in Guangxi, the main producer of bagasse pulp household paper, have also begun to send price increase letters, and mixed pulp and finished paper have generally increased/ton

according to the person in charge of a paper-making enterprise, since December 2020, the paper industry has experienced three rounds of price increases, and in the new year, prices are still rising. He believes that there is still room for the rise of papermaking raw materials. At present, the price of pulp and board raw materials has exceeded 5500/ton, plus thousands of other raw materials and processing fees, many paper enterprises are facing severe pressure

in recent years, China's pulp consumption has continued to increase. According to the survey data of China Paper Association, the total consumption of pulp in 2019 was 96.09 million tons, an increase of 2.36% over the previous year

however, due to the lack of domestic pulp production capacity, the share of imports in China's pulp consumption is not small. According to the statistics of China Paper Association, since 2013, China's pulp consumption structure has continued to change, and the proportion of imported pulp consumption has continued to increase. In 2013, imported pulp accounted for 16.5% of China's pulp consumption. By 2019, nearly 24.09 million tons of pulp consumption were imported, accounting for 25.1%

for this round of price rise of household paper, Chen Zhu, Secretary General of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, analyzed to the 21st century economic report that the fourth quarter of each year is the traditional peak season of the paper industry. In addition, coupled with the rise in the price of raw materials such as upstream wood pulp, the rising price tide was soon transmitted to downstream enterprises

tissue enterprises were hit by "double-sided attack"

as soon as the news of the price rise of household paper came out, many consumers worried that the terminal retail price would also rise. However, the 21st Century Business Herald survey found that this is not the case. At present, after the rise in raw material prices was transmitted all the way to tissue production enterprises, the terminal retail link has not significantly increased prices

although paper enterprises have successively issued price increase letters, many consumers said in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald that they have not felt the rise in the price of paper towels recently

Miss Luo in Guangzhou recently found that although some paper towels increased slightly, the increase was not obvious. In addition, many consumers, like Ms. Luo, have already bought enough paper towels on the previous double 11 and double 12

21st Century Business Herald found on major e-commerce platforms that discount and promotion information about roll paper and draw paper can still be seen everywhere, and the phenomenon of out of stock has not been found

industry insiders pointed out that China is an exporter of finished paper, and its output is more than demand, so it will naturally give priority to domestic supply while exporting. Previously, Taobao special edition has announced that the supply of tissue products will be open and will not increase prices. In order to balance the supply and demand of the end market, Hebei factory is rushing to supply paper towels directly, opening the "defense war" of paper towels

Xu Yinan also told the 21st Century Business Herald that household paper is facing end consumers, and it takes a long time for the upstream price rise to be transmitted to the end. "The problem now is that many leading enterprises have not raised their prices significantly, so other small and medium-sized enterprises dare not raise their prices. If they raise their prices, they will obviously lose a lot of users."

on the one hand, there is the soaring of upstream raw materials, and on the other hand, there is the reality that prices cannot be raised in the short term. Many household paper enterprises are facing "double-sided attack", and their profits have been diluted again and again

CICC said in the research report that in the past low period, with the integration of the pattern of the paper industry, leading paper enterprises further deepened their cost advantages by distributing raw materials upstream, strengthening fine management, and actively expanding production, forming a situation of small factories retreating and large factories advancing

"the leading paper mills in the upstream are relatively centralized, so it is easier to raise prices, and some enterprises are suspected of manipulating prices. For raw materials, downstream paper enterprises also buy up rather than down, but it is difficult to transfer the cost to end consumers. Tissue production enterprises mean that there is no room for bargaining." Mr. Tan, the sales director of a tissue enterprise, said frankly

enterprises step up the research and development of medium and high-end products

for the market situation of the paper industry in 2021, the analysis of the Research Report of CICC pointed out that with the good demand and the rising price of raw materials, the paper industry is expected to usher in an upward market in 2021 as a whole

for small and medium-sized paper enterprises, the survival situation is not optimistic in the face of the rising prices of upstream raw materials. Many small and medium-sized enterprises realize that in order to gain a foothold in the fierce market, they must form differentiated competition with large enterprises. The integration of internal industrial chain and the research and development of medium and high-end products have become the direction of some enterprises

the head of a paper-making enterprise in Guangdong introduced to the 21st Century Business Herald that the enterprise is actively exploring the road of industrial chain integration. "Our raw materials are mainly wood pulp, some of which are purchased from South America and Southeast Asia, and some from Guangxi. Together, there are more than dozens of suppliers. Our approach is to carry out lean production internally, and then promote our good experience to upstream partners."

in addition, some enterprises are stepping up the research and development of medium and high-end and functional household paper, of which Guangdong billon is a representative. In recent years, billon has been cultivating and promoting its own brand "good family style", which has gained a certain popularity in China. Previously, billon had more than a dozen sub brands. In order to improve recognition, Xu Yinan decided to combine all sub brands into a series, and finally the product successfully opened the market

insiders believe that medium and high-end household paper and disposable sanitary products will become the consumption highlights of the household paper market, while brand and quality will also become the focus of consumption, and products will become more humanized and personalized

in 2020, billon launched a functional antibacterial tissue product. Due to the impact of the epidemic, consumers' demand for health products has increased significantly, and the antibacterial tissue launched by Byron also achieved good results in 2020. "In 2020, consumers pay more attention to antibacterial products. We have paid attention to the research and development of functional tissue in the past few years, which just caters to the market trend, and we have seen results in 2020." Xu Yinan said

in order to develop antibacterial tissue products, billon also invested huge capital. However, Xu Yinan is glad that because he stepped on the "tuyere" of the market, high value-added bacteriostatic products have become a new business growth point of bilun. In the new year, Xu Yinan is full of expectations for the cultivation and development of the medium and high-end market

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