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Home appliance giants start cutting leeks in the first tier market

they all say that the market is bad, and they can't sell goods and get money back. However, over the past month, Haier, Midea, Gree and a large number of other industry leaders have gradually weakened the cross-section of components through one after another promotion and promotional activities in the first-line market, directly helping agents and direct merchants everywhere "cut leeks" in the end market and seize the market opportunity, which has plunged many small and medium-sized home appliance manufacturers into the survival crisis of "boiling frogs in warm water"

recently, many insiders revealed to the household appliance industry that under the background of the downturn in the whole retail market, the market operation of large enterprises began to become more agile and efficient. Among them, Haier quality Festival, Gree action, Midea red March and other theme promotions have exploded one after another, and have been launched and launched in the first-line market with the frequency of "weekly" trot, harvesting the needs of users in the market round after round, leaving no opportunities for small and micro enterprises

in terms of specific operation, the above industry insiders revealed that at present, whether it is Midea air conditioning fire in March, Haier quality festival or Gree big action, the frequency of activities has been shortened from one event a month to one event a week, and the promotion has been fully extended to urban communities and rural users in the county; At the same time, the scale of the event began to change from the past "large-scale, large-scale and high-frequency" main venue "to" short, fast, efficient, multi venue, multi store ". Due to the standard length of at least 3 meters of long samples such as steel wire rope, chain, cable, steel strand, etc., the wheels detonated one after another, directly hitting the needs of various potential users

in addition, the protagonists of this round of promotion are basically price oriented. Through the star product effect of low price and popular products every week, special prices are pushed every week to lock in user demand, and finally close to the price life and death line of small and medium-sized enterprises; According to the above-mentioned enterprise personage, in the current market environment, even the giants have no good way, only the stupid way, that is, through activities and price promotions, harvest all kinds of needs in the market

the household appliance industry learned that since February this year, many household appliance giants have fully realized the variability of the market situation and situation, and must adopt simpler and intuitive promotional activities in the first-line market. Then, the most effective way to harvest the market and user needs is to carry out the promotional activities of "small and fine" and "fine and beautiful" in the first-line market to lock in and accurately seize the emerging consumption rigid needs in advance

therefore, it is necessary for petrochemical enterprises to carefully evaluate the investment related to raw materials under a series of price scenarios. It is worth noting that the key nodes of this round of home appliance giants' "cutting leeks" are mainly two aspects: first, the promotion means comprehensively focus on the price promotion of popular stars, that is, to directly penetrate users and needs through the way of promotion of annual new products and boutiques; Second, the focus of promotion is user centered rather than business centered. Household appliance enterprises and businesses gather resources in an all-round way and stick to various users in the front-line market

promote the use of high-molecular materials in the field of rail transit and high-end equipment

it can be predicted that in the next four to five months, more and more home appliance giants will participate, as well as a large number of capable "small and medium-sized enterprises" will participate, the temperature of market promotion will rise in an all-round way, and the "cutting leeks" in the first-line market will become the norm

of course, how many "leeks" are there in the first-line market that can be continuously cut by household appliance manufacturers is another question

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