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As of May 31, the one-year energy-saving subsidy for household appliances is about to expire. At the same time, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, there may be no relevant continuation policy after the expiration of the policy. The recent rush to buy household appliances caused by this has also affected the performance of the household appliance industry in the secondary market. Data showed that the household appliance industry (shenwanyi level) rose 2.27% yesterday, significantly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index. Analysts believe that the recent sharp rise in sales of household electrical appliances that can minimize energy input has overdrawn sales in the coming months; But on the other hand, the imminent expiration of energy-saving subsidies also urged some consumer groups that had no purchase plan to join the rush to buy. Therefore, this event is expected to have a positive impact on the interim report performance and annual report performance of Listed Companies in the industry. In the short term, the industry will also usher in a wave of rising market before the end of subsidies

in terms of market performance, 41 of the 48 tradable stocks in the household appliance industry rose yesterday, accounting for 85.42%. Specifically, 10 stocks in the industry rose by more than 4% yesterday, among which 4 stocks, such as Gree Electric Appliance (6.37%), Yichang shares (5.79%), zhaochi shares (5.69%) and kaineng environmental protection (5.36%), led the increase

in terms of capital flow, yesterday, the accumulated net inflow of large single capital in the household appliance industry reached 203.5199 million yuan. Among them, Gree Electric is far ahead with a large single capital inflow of 248.435 million yuan, indicating the preference of the main funds in the market for it. In addition, four stocks, Hisense Electric (83.7978 million can also be divided into various yuan according to the type of operation), zhaochi (39.2752 million yuan), Qingdao Haier (17.8104 million yuan), kaineng environmental protection (11.2407 million yuan), also had a net large single capital inflow of more than 10million yuan yesterday, To effectively extend the service life of the furnace body, it is worth mentioning that only positioning the role in the industrial chain, the net inflow of large single funds of the above five stocks yesterday reached 400.5591 million yuan

in terms of performance, among the 48 companies' stocks that can be traded yesterday, 25 companies have issued interim performance forecasts in advance, of which 18 companies are expected to achieve year-on-year growth in interim performance, accounting for 72%. The performance of three companies, including ilip (186.49%), Coship Electronics (150.11%) and montferi (100%), increased by more than 100% in the first half of the year

Orient Securities said that the follow-up of the energy-saving subsidy policy is still not clear, and last week, the household appliance sector was adjusted as a whole, and the valuation of leading enterprises was close to the historical bottom. It is expected that the leading enterprises of household appliances have strong anti cyclical ability, and it is suggested to timely intervene in the leading enterprises with strong competitiveness, such as Gree, the air-conditioning leader with steady growth and strong bargaining power; Midea, the leader of white household appliances, is expected to steadily recover its profits and share

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