The most popular wire and cable industry in China

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China's wire and cable industry has an average annual growth of more than 25%

wire and cable industry is China's basic industry. Over the past 15 years, the average annual growth of China's wire and cable industry has reached more than 25%. At present, the total industrial output value of the industry exceeds 400billion yuan, surpassing the United States and becoming the largest wire and cable producer in the world

in the past 15 years, China's wire and cable industry has developed a large number of 5. Balancing machines (including field balancing instruments); On the basis of technology introduction, digestion and absorption as well as independent research and development, it has formed a huge production capacity, and the supporting cable materials and cable equipment manufacturing industry has also initially formed a relatively complete supporting system. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects: large enterprises have obvious advantages in market competitiveness and strong profitability; Small and medium-sized enterprises have good asset operation capacity; The market-oriented operation mechanism of private enterprises is flexible and develops rapidly. The wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in the economically developed coastal areas have obvious advantages. In terms of assets, at present, the state-owned economy accounts for only 15%, foreign-funded enterprises account for nearly 25%, and the private economy accounts for more than 60%. East China is the most important manufacturing region of the wire and cable industry, accounting for 50% of the assets and output value of the country, forming 60% of the sales volume and winning 70% of the profits of the industry

due to the acceleration of China's power construction and the successive construction of UHV projects, a huge market has been created for the wire and cable industry. Zhangxinhua, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Wufang Cable Co., Ltd., believes that the wire and cable industry will still be in the best period of historical development, but it will also face the challenge of intense competition and homogenization. It is predicted that the consumption of the third generation aluminum lithium alloy materials and advanced composite materials in the C919 body structure will reach 8.8% and 12% respectively. In the next few years, the development speed of China's wire and cable industry futures will be higher than that of the national economy, which is expected to reach more than 10%

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