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Creative pattern fabrics of curtain cloth are still selling well

the Lunar New Year is approaching, and the transaction of curtain cloth in China's light textile city market has dropped in recent days, but the curtain cloth continues to be mainly subscribed by multiple varieties. Over the past few days, the matching varieties of curtain cloth are still favored by the corresponding customers, local sales are more active, and innovative and creative pattern fabrics still occupy the market advantage

recently, some stores have been operated on the second floor and the third floor of the north market of the textile city. There are relatively few customers subscribing curtain cloth into the market, but the creative pattern fabrics of curtain cloth continue to be favored, and local spot transactions continue to go smoothly. Jacquard curtain cloth, transfer printing curtain cloth, segmented multi-color printing curtain cloth, positioning printing curtain cloth, etc. are mainly directly sold by manufacturers, which are favored by counterparts at home and abroad, and local transactions are relatively smooth. In particular, the printing curtain cloth accounts for most of the transaction shares, and the printing curtain cloth continues to become the leading product in all kinds of curtain fabrics in the market. The whole 280cm printing curtain cloth and the creative pattern surface of the printing curtain cloth in international terms. The line material change experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is based on the original materials, and the number of off take batches has increased in recent days

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