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Automobile maintenance in winter: the quality of antifreeze glass water is uneven

Mr. Li, a citizen of Shenyang, bought "antifreeze glass water" at a high price. Unexpectedly, the glass water marked with "antifreeze index minus 35 degrees Celsius for vehicle enterprises" was frozen just after it reached minus 10 degrees Celsius

Mr. Li told that the bottle of "advanced antifreeze" glass water he bought at the car washing shop was marked with "antifreeze index minus 35 ℃. However, Shenyang suffered from cold weather two days ago. In the morning, Mr. Li started his car and habitually brushed the lower windows with a wiper and sprayed glass water. Unexpectedly, the glass water began to fog as soon as it was sprayed on the windshield, and soon turned into thick frost. The spray pipe was also frozen, and the glass water could not be sprayed at all. Mr. Li was very angry. He thought he had bought counterfeit products

go to a car beauty shop on Wenti West Road, Heping District, Shenyang. It is learned from there that the price of antifreeze glass water varies from 10 yuan to 25 yuan according to the antifreeze index and capacity. Generally, the antifreeze index on the glass water is marked with minus 35 degrees Celsius, and the antifreeze index on the glass water with the highest price is marked as "mazhanfeng, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, told No. 1 finance and economics that minus 40 degrees Celsius

an insider told us that the freezing point of antifreeze glass water is not low, and the key depends on how much water is added. The cost of regular antifreeze glass water is generally about 10 yuan, while the cost of many fake glass water in the market is only about 2 yuan. The glass water with low price must be more than water, and the antifreeze index of glass water with water can not reach the standard naturally

Ms. Xia, a Shenyang car owner, bought a bottle of antifreeze glass water in a bumpy city. When she used it, a pungent smell came to her face. She said: "the smell got into the car and couldn't disperse for a long time. My throat felt very uncomfortable."

according to the introduction of automobile maintenance experts, most of the common glass water in the market belongs to the methanol type with relatively low price, that is, the main chemical component of the product is industrial methanol, which is harmful to human body after use. Automobile maintenance products containing methanol and other harmful substances should be avoided in daily use to avoid unnecessary health damage and environmental pollution

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