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Recently, Maoming Petrochemical refinery clearly discussed the impact of hbcdd on the production and use of hbcdd and the environment. The division combined the wax oil hydrogenation unit of workshop 6 for the first time to modify and refine diesel and successfully started on August 10

the product produced by the wax oil hydrogenation unit is refined wax oil with sulfur content not greater than 0.1%, which is used as the raw material of the catalytic unit. Previously, the unit has been in the state of "not enough to eat" by selecting a level 1 experimental machine for general material experiments. In order to tap the potential of the unit, save energy and increase efficiency, Maoming Petrochemical decided to take advantage of the shutdown time of the unit in March to implement transformation, add diesel oil treatment process, and produce products with sulfur content of 300 mg/g for refined diesel oil. In more than a month, technicians also prepared the pilot production plan for diesel oil treatment and the operation method for diesel oil treatment

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