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Maplesoft has established a partnership with Siemens PLM Software Company

today, Maplesoft announced its partnership with Siemens PLM Software Company, a public institution of Siemens' industrial automation business department and a world leading provider of product life management (PLM) software and services. Maple is a technical calculation software from Maplesoft company, which provides important analysis performance for CAD system. At the same time, it provides users with software, that is, the digital product development scheme from Siemens PLM Software Company, so that it can use the calculation ability of maple to analyze and optimize various designs

Maple 13 provides a suite of mathematical and analytical tools on the same interface, covering the process from rapid design and calculation to overall application development. Using Maple, design engineers can answer such load questions: "what is the mathematical relationship between objects?" "How does the change of object properties affect other objects?" At the same time, NX connectivity provides a convenient way to start maple in NX environment

some of the main advantages of connecting NX and maple include:

- users can recover various parameters from NX CAD models, optimize these parameters, and directly update CAD models with modified parameter values in the maple environment

The CAD link assistant in

-maple provides a fast and interactive way to test using NX CAD connectivity functionality without entering a code

- with Maple software CAD link assistant, you can easily browse scalars in NX CAD design, so it can be used as a tool to assist your own CAD data table when writing

- with maple programming language and built-in API commands, NX users can create special tools for local reconfiguration and optimization

"part of our task is to add Maplesoft to the program of Siemens PLM partners, so that we can continue to provide customers with the widest range of advanced software tools to supplement our own products." Said rich Ramsey, partner and vice president of component sales of Siemens PLM Software Company. "NX users who choose to use Maple software will be able to shorten the time required to create complex designs and conduct in-depth analysis, so they will benefit a lot."

"expand the CAD connectivity of maple to include NX of Siemens PLM Software Company, so as to provide more choices for existing customers. 2. Accelerate loading and flexibility." Laurent Bernardin, executive vice president of Maplesoft, said. "NX users will get great permission from maple, because no other product on the market can provide the same computing power, mathematical width and depth, mathematical cognitive programming language and application creation tools, and connectivity options, all of which are integrated into a highly intuitive technical file environment."

Maplesoft is the largest supplier of high-performance software tools in engineering, science and mathematics. Its products embody the philosophy that only with good tools can people do greater things

The core technology of Maplesoft includes the world's most advanced symbolic computing engine and revolutionary physical simulation technology. The combination of these technologies can create cutting-edge tools for design, modeling and high-performance simulation

maplesoft's products help reduce errors, shorten design time, reduce costs and improve results. Maplesoft products include maple (technical computing and file environment) and MapleSim (physical system of high-performance, multidisciplinary data processing modeling and simulation tools)

engineers, scientists and mathematicians can work better, faster and more conveniently by using mapl1 torque esoft products used to detect and calibrate various electric pneumatic screwdrivers, torque drivers and torque wrenches. Maplesoft's customers include BMW, Bloomberg, Boeing, Bosch, Canon, DreamWorks, EADS, Ford Motor, HSBC, Motorola, Microsoft Research, MBDA, NASA and Renault, involving industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, energy, financial services, consumer products and entertainment. Maplesoft and Toyota have established a plant modeling association to promote the development of new design technologies, automotive and related industries

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