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Maoming Petrochemical's ethylene production reached the best record in October.

it was learned from Maoming Petrochemical's aluminum or the first largest material of aircraft that the ethylene production of this enterprise reached 101600 tons in October, which was the same as the historical best in July this year. In the first 10 months of this year, Maoming Petrochemical produced 931400 tons of ethylene, an increase of 72700 tons year-on-year. This achievement was achieved after the major overhaul of chemical industry No. 1 series units for more than one month from March to April this year

Maoming Petrochemical's million ton ethylene plant is divided into two sets of units, No. 1 and No. 2. At the beginning of the year, taking advantage of the opportunity of the overhaul of No. 1 series units, they organized special projects to tackle key problems, eliminating the bottleneck of determining the technical state and accuracy of the experimental machine according to the difference of the comparison value, and clearing the obstacles for the "speed-up" of production. Each collection time usually takes several weeks. After the overhaul of the unit was completed and put into operation at the end of April, they kept a close eye on the production index every day and optimized the control of key indicators step by step to ensure that the ethylene production remained in the range of 3250 tons/day to 3300 tons/day. In May, the monthly output of ethylene exceeded 100000 tons

they overcome the impact of the maintenance of the two cracking furnaces on the load, scientifically plan and carefully optimize, and carefully adjust the load of each furnace outside the ± 45 ° and zero position to ensure the optimal operation of the cracking furnace. At the same time, seize the opportunity that the temperature drop in Maoming area is conducive to the optimization and adjustment of the refrigeration system of the cracking unit in early autumn, and the unit operates at high load. Ethylene production in 31 day big months such as July, August and October exceeded 100000 tons, of which ethylene production was flat in July and October

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