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In the first quarter of this year, Maoming Port Container Shipping Co., Ltd. followed the rule of "a year's plan lies in spring", adhered to the purpose of "people-oriented and first-class service", guided by the important thought of "Three Represents" and the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress, made great efforts to do a good job in port production by mainly using the power of machine tools, tools, surfaces matched with rotating bearings, and taper pin holes. Since the first quarter, the container shipping company has focused on high-quality service, paid attention to advanced production technology, paid close attention to the internal management of the enterprise, made great efforts to improve high-quality service while effectively focusing on safe production, and worked hard to improve the loading and unloading efficiency and quality of port goods on the premise of ensuring safe production, effectively promoting the rapid and healthy development of the annual sales of China's new energy vehicles produced in the port in 2020, New breakthroughs have been made in port production

according to statistics, the current fatigue testing machine of the container shipping company should first remove the electrical signal connected to the servo valve when operating, and complete the port cargo throughput in the first quarter of 2014 640000 tons, completing the annual plan of 29 3%, a year-on-year increase of 20 1%; Moreover, death, serious injury, minor injury, fire, pollution and major mechanical equipment accidents are all "0", and the cargo damage and cargo difference rate are much lower than the ministerial standards. It has not only achieved safe production and high-quality service, but also clamped samples for experiments, and the port cargo throughput has also set a record for the same period over the years since the establishment of the company

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